Cajo Technologies offers a new way to create permanent markings and colour patterns on almost any material. Our patented technology is based on an innovative application of the traditional laser beam. It offers unique solutions from branding and product design to industrial marking, and is an efficient way to replace outdated marking systems. We are happy to provide you with fully customised solutions to meet your needs and to innovate new solutions to bring your ideas to life.

Our patented technology creates extremely precise, permanent and practically everlasting marking or colour patterning on almost any material without additives or pigments. Thanks to our innovative solutions, the marking process is also extremely fast.


cajo technologies color marking laser

Our marking and colour patterning method and solutions are already used by major international corporations, such as Boliden, Kone, SSAB, Fiskars, Outokumpu and Konecranes.

Headquartered in Kempele, in Northern Finland, Cajo Technologies is a well-known name in Finland and has also managed to reach international growth with activities in Scandinavia, Central Europe, Japan and the United States.

Our vision is to be

A specialist and an industry leader of marking technologies.

Recognised as an innovative, solutions-oriented and reliable partner among customers, partners and other interest groups.

Recognised for our colour patterning and marking method which is free from additives, ecologically sound, high-quality and virtually permanent.

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Our operations are based on:

  • A hands-on attitude to work
  • Efficiency
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Taking pleasure in our work


We focus on quality:

  • In our customer relationships
  • In our products
  • In our services
  • In all our work


We continue to develop:

  • As employees
  • As a company
  • In our industry
  • In our technologies


We operate in a responsible manner:

  • As people
  • As employees
  • As a company
  • As a partner


Cajo Technologies Oy ‘s business policy is to supply best suited laser marking systems to our customer needs.

Our business is based on high-quality components, multi-talented professional skills of the staff, a precise timetable, as well as good co-operation with our stakeholders . Our products and our operations fulfill the necessary legal, customer and standard requirements.

We are committed in our operations preventive approach and strive to identify, evaluate and minimize the risks associated in our operations.