CajoMark is software designed for controlling Cajo laser marking machines.

CajoMark is configured according to customer needs when a machine is delivered. The software supports connecting the Cajo marking machine to the customer´s existing ERP systems and automatic production lines.
CajoMark is flexible and easy-to-use software that can be configured according to customer needs. Device mode and messages are easy to find and variable marking data can be fetched from the customer’s database.


• Product selection and support for a variety of products to be marked
• Shows the mode and status messages of the machine
• Configurable interface and workflow
• Entry of variable marking data, for example text or serial number
• Use of images in marking
• Implements marking machine integrations to ERP systems and automatic production lines
• Executing of remote commands without user interface (serial port or LAN)
• Storing of marking history (serial numbers etc.) into the software´s database and customer’s database
• Fetching of variable data to be used in markings from customer’s systems (e.g. database)
• Language versions Finnish and English
• Settings can be backed up, for example, on a memory stick

System requirements

• Windows 7 operating system

Implemented device integrations:

CajoMark supports all the laser controllers used in Cajo’s marking devices.
Siemens S7 logic
Cajo’s marking devices are equipped with Siemens S7 logic, which controls the peripheral devices of the machine. CajoMark controls the operations of the logic according to a defined workflow.
ABB robots
CajoMark supports the control of ABB robots and reading and writing of its parameters. With the functionality CajoMark is able to guide the robot into different modes (home, marking area etc.), check the mode of the robot and give parameter data to the robot.
Cognex DataMan bar code readers
CajoMark supports Cognex DataMan bar code readers. The reader can be used to verify the quality of marking and for entering variable marking data (such as serial number).
Motorola bar code readers
CajoMark supports Motorola bar code readers. The reader can be used to verify the quality of marking and for entering variable marking data (such as serial number).
Serial port and LAN
The software can also be run without user interface by executing remote commands through a serial port or local area network (LAN). This allows, for instance, another automation line device to control the operation of the marking machine remotely. The serial port and LAN can also be used to enter variable marking data to the marking machine.


The CajoLink service enables Cajo’s technical experts to provide assistance quickly and easily by connecting remotely to the control computer of the marking machine. This also makes it possible to reduce the duration of interruptions in production. CajoLink requires an Internet connection to function.